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Serbian Psychodrama Association Moreno invites you to apply for training for psychodrama psychotherapist.

Training consist of three levels/degrees, that include minimum of five year experience in experiential-educational psychodrama group, two-year experience in group analysis, theory lessons and essays, conducting psychotherapy psychodrama group for two years under supervision and writing clinical paper. During training a candidate is required to successfully pass three practical exams, written exam in theory and practice of psychodrama and group psychotherapy and to write and successfully defend clinical diploma paper.

SPA Moreno has two senior trainers: Dušan Potkonjak and Jasna Veljković.

Dušan Potkonjak, MD, psychiatrist and trainer of British Psychodrama Association since 1994. He  is the main trainer at SPA Moreno. In 1988 Dušan Potkonjak started with first experiential educational psychodrama group in Belgrade. He graduated in psychodrama in 1991 in Great Britain, BPA , with Marsha Karp, J.L. Moreno’s student, and in 1993 he  fulfilled required number of 1300 hours in diploma course in group analysis with London Institute for Group Analysis, overseas training.

Jasna Veljković, Ph.D, professor at the Belgrade University, clinical psychologist. In 1990.she finished Certificate Course in Psychodrama awarded jointly by the University of Belgrade, Department of Psychiatry, with a support of British Council. She was one of the founding members of YUPA, and later BPC. She is IAGP member; ECP holder(2002). She fulfilled 1300 hours  in the GA (Overseas training with London Institute for Group Analysis in 1993). She is author and co-author of several books in Psychodrama.

Various professionals contributed to SPA Moreno training, including training psychoanalysts and training group analysts Ljiljana Milivojević,  Marija Vezmar, Tija Despotovic and guest international trainers Jana Segula, Kate Bradshaw, Lars Tauvon, Sue Daniels, Marcia Karp, Malcolm Pines, Olivia Lousada, Peter Howart  and psychotherapist who graduated with SPA Moreno.

Psychodrama is a form of group psychotherapy and action method using elements of drama and spontaneous improvising theatre. In the group, on psychodrama stage different aspects of human existence are being explored: interpersonal relationships, different life roles and inner world: dreams, fantasies, desires and fears, past, present and future. Psychodrama enables the group process and interpersonal relations, and interpersonal learning of group members in the here and now to be explored at psychodrama stage , and to externalize object relations on psychodrama stage. Use of psychodrama and action techniques emphasizes not only verbal communication, but also non-verbal aspects, and encourages spontaneity and creativity among its members, better perspective of oneself, increases empathy and creates opportunity to explore one’s authentic needs and to find connection between present and important past events.

Candidate who fulfils all criteria earns

diploma in psychodrama and group psychotherapy and a title of


and may apply for National Serbian certificate in psychotherapy

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